The Omamas Guide to Portland-area Hospital Maternity Units: If you're expecting, here's your one-stop site for comparing birth services, amenities and statistics at local hospitals

Hospital Labor aids Accept VBAC patients? Latest c-section rate Menu Security measures Neonatal ICU? Patient overflow policy? Guaranteed private room for mothers? Accommodations for parents of preemies? Nurse-to-room ratio Cable in room? DVD player in room? WIFI? Birth announcement Web site? What's in take-home bag? Lactation assistance? Parking Waterbirth
Adventist Medical Center Jacuzzi tubs, ambulation with telemetry, birth balls Possibly in the future 30% Meat and vegetarian options Unit is locked 24 hours; infants wear security leg bands LEVEL II nursery, able to accommodate deliveries as early as 34 weeks Patients are moved to surgery floor. Yes. Parents may stay in labor/delivery room free as space allows. Parents may also stay next door in the Walla Walla Nursing School dorm at rates of $30 for individuals, $40 for couples. 1:1 for labor, 1:4 for GYN, 1:3 for postpartum couplet care Yes Yes Yes Hospital uses Picture People, Baby Gallery and Caring Bridge. Diaper bag, breastfeeding items, educational materials, product samples, water bottle Board-certified lactation consultants and trained nursing staff are available 24 hours to answer questions. The hospital has a milk donation center. The family birth unit also has a maternity store stocked with lactation products. Free in hospital lot. No
Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center Birthing balls, shower and tub, extra-large soaking tub Yes 24% Hospital meal service available 24 hours Locked units with card readers at doors; infant security system Patients with high-risk pregnancies are directed to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. Sunnyside has a special care nursery with four stations as well as eight rooms equipped for ill or premature newborns. Unit has never been full; if it ever is, patients in stable condition will be directed to Providence St. Vincent. Yes Yes In labor, 1:1-2; after delivery, 1:3-4 mother-baby pairs Yes Yes No No Baby blanket and T-shirt Certified lactation consultants meet with new mothers while they are still in the hospital; after discharge, mothers and babies return within one to three days for a lactation appointment Free reserved lot outside the Labor and Delivery unit. Visitors can park free in a nearby garage No
Legacy Emanuel Hospital exercise balls, peanut balls, labor bars, whirlpool, labor/birthing pools can be set up in patient's room Yes; success rate 75.2% 40.5% Room service Electronic infant security system NICU on site Patients kept in maternity unit; no overflow space required Yes If mother is discharged before baby is ready, staff tries to find a room in the hospital where she can stay for a few days; families coming from 50+ miles may stay at the Ronald McDonald House Early labor: 1 to 1 or 2; second stage labor 1:1 and postpartum 1:4-6 Yes Yes Yes Yes N/A Full service lactation department Parking adjacent to emergency room entrance Yes
Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center birthing balls, whirlpool tub Yes 34% Hospital meal service Electronic infant security system None on site; hospital has expanded care nursery Overflow area, which is staffed by family birth center staff Yes N/A Active labor: 1 to 1; postpartum care is 3:1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Gift basket contains fruit, cheese, crackers, juice and chocolate Lactation assistance is offered Patient parking at entrance to Family Birth Center; center has own entrance No
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center jacuzzis in each room; birthing balls; labor bars, waterbirth w/certain providers Yes 32% Special menu available for maternity patients Locked unit; infant security system Level III NICU onsite Unit is rarely completely booked; If booked, patients would be placed in pediatric room with family birth center nurse; center is being expanded this fall Yes NICU has bed in each room; families may sleep in their baby's room or make arrangements to stay in family room; family lounge has two rooms w/full sized beds, TV/DVD Early labor: 1-2 patients to each nurse; second stage of labor and recovery: 1:1 ratio; post delivery: 3 rooms per nurse Yes Yes Yes; throughout hospital Yes Vancouver Regional Library info & book Lactation specialists try to visit each patient before discharge. Hospital baby boutique sells breast pump equipment and supplies Multi-level parking structure connected with skybridge No
Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center birthing balls, labor bars, jacuzzis If approved by provider 27% One entry that's locked daily at 8 p.m. None on site; patients transferred to Legacy Emanuel Never needed; unit was expanded to 17 rooms five years ago Yes N/A Ratio active labor 1:1; ratio during post-partum is 1: 3 or 4 Yes DVD player is available Yes; throughout hospital No; site is being developed Hospital doesn't give hand-out bags Lactation assistance is available 7 days a week during scheduled hours Parking reserved for laboring patients No
Legacy Good Samaritan Exercise balls, whirlpool, jacuzzis in each private room, birth balls, pushing bars, birth chairs Yes (success rate N/A) 28% Regular hospital menu; menus for NW restaurants that offer delivery service are on hand Infant security system, cameras, locks and locking elevators and doors expanded care nursery Laboring mothers remain on the unit; overflow not an issue Yes Parents permitted to remain with preemies labor: 1:1; 1:3-4 postpartum Yes Yes Yes Yes No official take-home bag but hospital sends diapers, wipes, comb, shampoo and baby hats home with each baby Lactation services available 7 days/week Valet parking available
OHSU Birthing balls, jacuzzis in every room, birthing chairs are available. Also, patients who qualify may get doula support Yes (success rate: 74 percent) 33% Moms and birth partners can order off menu at any time; third floor hospital cafe is open 24/7 Unit is locked at all times; coded ID badges required to gain entry; halo bracelets link moms and infants and monitor newborns' movements throughout facilities Level III NICU Overflow patients kept at OHSU, may be housed in triage room No; standard practice is to provide private room but two rooms can be converted to accomodate 2 patients at a time Space permitting, parents may stay at Ronald McDonald House on campus. Post-partum ratio: 1 nurse to 3-4 mom/babies Yes Yes Yes Yes Snacks, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate and educational handouts Before, during and after birth, lactation consultants on hand Valet parking available Yes
Providence Milwaukie Hospital Birthing/exercise balls, one jacuzzi in the unit, rocking chairs, squatting bars No 30% Regular hospital menu Locked unit, babies are banded with Ids Nursery care, with NICU needs handled by Providence St. Vincent Four bed postpartum care unit staffed and secured in same manner as the maternity unit Yes In most cases, mothers can stay with their babies labor: 1:1; 1:3-4 postpartum Yes No (VHS player) Yes Yes No official take-home bag but hospital sends diapers, wipes, nasal bulb syringe, comb, hats, newborn T-shirt, and a mother's gift pack with lotion and bubble bath Nurses are trained for lactation teaching and support. Certified lactation consultant also on staff. Parking available with curbside pick up/drop off. No
Providence Newberg Medical Center Birthing/exercise balls, jetted Jacuzzi tubs in each labor room, rocking chairs, squatting bars No 29% 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. room service. Cafe is open during the same hours. Mini refrigerators in each room. Locked unit, visitors must sign in, security cameras No. Babies needing neonatal intensive care are transported to a hospital with a NICU. Medical/surgical rooms located next to the Birth Center are used for any overflow and a security guard is assigned to the area. Yes If the baby is transported, the mom is transported as well, provided there is a bed available for the mother at the receiving hospital. Labor 1:1 and Postpartum, 1:2 up to 1:4 Yes Yes Yes Yes, through a photo company We provide a mom's lavender gift pack, baby T-shirt, newspaper from the date of birth, diapers, nasal suction bulb and baby hats that are handmade by local "grandmas." The family also receives a meat or vegetarian lasagna to take home for their first night out of the hospital. Inpatient lactation visits are made to most mothers prior to discharge. Most are scheduled for at least one outpatient lactation appointment after discharge. Parking in the adjacent parking lot available with curbside pick-up and drop off. No.
Providence Portland Medical Center Birthing balls, a shared jacuzzi, squatting bar, rocking chairs Yes, provided the doctor is on the unit while the mother is in labor (success rate N/A) 35% Regular hospital menu, patients can order most hours; snacks and boxed lunches Locked unit, babies are banded with Ids Level II care. Babies needing surgical interventions or unstable prematurity are transferred 10 new beds being added to the postpartum area should relieve overflow issues Yes Rooms for two moms to stay with their babies labor: 1:1; 1:3-4 postpartum Yes, including "The Newborn Channel" in English and Spanish No Yes No No official take-home bag but hospital sends diapers, wipes, nasal suction bulb, baby hats home with each baby Lactation consultants on the unit every day. All registered nurses have met competency requirements. Follow-up lactation clinic for post discharge. Two parking structures; curbside pick up/drop off No
Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Birthing/exercise balls, two jacuzzis in the unit, rocking chairs, cordless telemetry fetal monitoring that allows laboring moms to walk while providing continuous monitoring, squatting bars Yes; success rate 76.3% 32% Regular hospital menu, patients can order around the clock Locked unit, babies are banded with Ids Level III NICU Recent expansion should relieve overflow Yes When possible, moms can stay with their babies in their own rooms with monitoring by "newborn triage nurses" labor: 1:1; 1:3-4 postpartum Yes Yes Yes No No official take-home bag but hospital sends diapers, wipes, nasal suction bulb, baby hats home with each baby Lactation consultants available, all postpartum nurses trained in lactation. Patients are scheduled for a one-to-one appointment with a lactation nurse within 3 days of birth Parking structure with curbside pick up/drop off No
Providence Willamette Falls Hospital In-room Jacuzzi tubs, birthing/exercise balls, etc Yes 22% Cafeteria open from 6:30 am-6:30 p.m.; in-room microwaves and refrigerators Locked entry, security cameras Level II care. Babies needing surgical interventions or unstable prematurity are transferred. Yes, except in some overflow situations, mothers may have to briefly share the triage room Yes, depending on availability labor 1:1 or 1:2; postpartum, 1:3 or 1:4 Yes No Yes Yes, through Carepages No take-home bag, but the hospital gives diaper bags, extra diapers, bulb syringe and other items Free preadmission consultation; 2 free visits with lactation consultants post-delivery Dedicated parking outside the birthing center No
Southwest Washington Medical Center In-room Jacuzzis, birth balls, flax seed pax (warm packs), waterbirthing tubs, two anesthesia team members available in the unit 24 hours a day Yes 28% Regular hospital menu; two cafeterias and a cafe onsite HUGS security system; employees wear different designated badges; newborns stay in room with mom or support person Level 3 NICU, preemie care to about 28 weeks. Single room care with Neonatologist or Neonatal Nurse Practitioners on site 24 hours/day. "We accommodate." Yes Sofabed in each room In labor, 1:1 or 1:2. In postpartum, couplets 1:3-4. Yes On-Demand Movies Yes Yes, securely through baby photo service T-shirts, flax seed pax. No formula. One to two board-certified lactation nurses or lactation specialists are on duty daily Free lot adjacent to Family Birth Center Yes
Tuality Community Hospital Jacuzzi tubs. Patients may bring their own aids. Only under certain conditions 22.30% Room service is available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Locked units; visitors must wear badges; all visitors except the newborn's siblings must be at least 12 years old No. Patients needing neonatal intensive care are transferred to other hospitals. Postpartum families are moved to a medical surgical wing. Yes Not applicable. Yes No; patients may bring DVD players. No No, but baby pictures can be posted online through Informational materials. Formula is available upon request. Lactation specialists and consultants try to visit all new mothers before discharge. A lactation clinic is available by appointment; the first visit is free and subsequent visits are $10 (financial assistance is available). Free garage across the street. No